One time package deals discounts

“Special offers” Valid only from 1 of January 2021 till 30 of January 2021.

Package Deals – For AH Biofibre hair Implants and the only original Exoderm Peel + Lift – Non surgery face and neck Lift.

One and only time offer ! Get 20 % up to 50 %  Allowance!  discounts ! 

Besthetics I.M.C

Due to Returning to full activity and since Most EU borders are open again with no restrictions regarding Covid-19, Besthetics I.M.C By  Exoderm International Medical Centers offers the Best Deals and reduced prices ever! as from 25 % up to 50 % + many benefits for combination of surgeries, treatments in a relative Free of Covid-19 area and environment in our best facilities combined with a lovely summer vacation, all that for a limited period of 90 days only! by Booking in advance and upon our availability and capacity.   

Biofibre - Besthetics & Exoderm Hair implant
Biofibre – Besthetics & Exoderm Hair implant

You may choose your convenient days or weeks of vacation in advance as sooner as better upon our availability and capacity or you may even add more days above the treatment days, in a lovely Medical tourist town Sopron Hungary that is near just Vienna Austria, 3- 4 star hotels, full service, room service with 24 hours of our Medical observation during the treatments and healing days. . The area is full with nice hotels, restaurants, beautiful sites of Burgenland, Hungary and or Austria, Vienna, Budapest or Bratislava, Neusiedl Lake / Fertő, Balaton Lake, and more attractions most just within 1-2 hours of drive.

Exoderm I.M.C Covid test to all workers and Patients

All of our facilities and clinics are covid-19 free

In our Medical Centers We do a fast covid-19 test regularly to all of our members and employees that patients may engage with and we test all of our Patients before and after each treatment free of charge as part of our Services to minimize any possible risk.

Now Hungary and Austria are among the relative safest areas in Europe regarding the Covid-19 and are already open for tourists , but regardless we manage a special program for all of our patients in a way that reduces risk as much as possible.

We can combine traveling and sightseeing and attractions before and after the treatment days with concern to safety and relative isolation, you can join members of your family, friends to share the vacation parts and or the hotels and they will enjoy the same allowances as you. 

Costs and allowances for next period of 90 days for Biofibre Hair implants : Singles, up to 17 cm long, any mix of colors

As from 3,000 to 5,000 implants – instead of 3.55 Euro per hair –  20% discount As from 5,000 -10,000 hair implants instead of 3.55 – 25 % discount

10,000 hair implants and more instead of 3.55 –  30 % discount ** Implant Prices do not include the reduced hotel fees or any Extra fees.

Besthetics Best artificial Hair implants are done in only 1-3 following days since our professional clinic is actually maybe the only clinic in the world that implants even 6000-7000  hair in 1 short session or per 1 day, about 1000 in 1 hour.

Our “Exoderm Peel” or Exoderm lift is the only original one since 1985 ! and our main Center –  7-8  days of treatment would cost instead of 6500-8000  Euro, for full face  20 % discount, full face + neck 20 % off + the hotel fees that are reduced to discount prices as well, Hotel costs depends on the level of the hotel you wish to get and length of the vacation if above the 8 days of the treatment.  

Exoderm Peel The only Original – By Exoderm Medical Centers

*** Terms : Allowance and package deal special prices will be Given only by Booking in advance by the first to book, upon our availability and capacity, By the first to apply and book order The special price’s will be given to New Patients only after prior Medical screening if patients fit’s to have the Surgery and after confirmed by our written approval for the date, cost, booking and receiving the down payment for the reservations . we may allow Cancellations due to proven Covid-19 activ infection or possible new restrictions of traveling, otherwise we may charge 50% cancelation fee in case of “no show” with no refund. unless we confirmed in advance before the fixed date by e-mail and agreed to delay to any other possible available dates. *** Besthetics I.M.C reserve the rights to change any of the above terms, costs, at any time if as a result of upon our availability and capacity or as result of Covid-19 -th situation or new restrictions – any changes will be notified on this page and By email to all of our patients that booked in advance *** in case of cancelation or changes of dates from our side Patients will be fully refunded with the down payment as they paid in case that they won’t wish to dealy to other suggested dates – However in that case they will lose the special discount prices if at the new time the above prices won’t be valid any more ! However if booked and paid in advance we will keep the same special price to any later possible dates. !

Besthetics I.M.C and Exoderm I.M.C Clinics – performs  Rapid Covid-19 test on all of our employees regularly and test all of our new patients before participating in any procedure or surgery.

Besthetics I.M.C Biofibre Hair implants Exoderm Peel Plastic Surgery

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