Discount Package Deals

Discounts and  Package Deals 

Special offers for Artificial hair implants at the best clinics in Europe. 

  1. From time to time we offer special prices for our new patients on specific dates as we may fix in advance ,  on those dates we might have a professional training courses for our new franchised doctors,  However the implants are done only by our teaching professional doctors and staff and by our backup,  we offer several types of deals and discounts for patients that do not mind if we present the implants and methods to other doctors that are present at the same time.  patients privacy is not violated.
  2. We may offer from time to time special discounts to patients that are willing to participate in our representations and marketing as presenting their photos or video or any other media if we find them as representatives for that manner as well.
  3. Special discount to all new patients with no limits on specific dates only , depends on our availability , several times we might face cancellations for specific dates by patients that may find out last minute that they cannot arrive and fixed new dates for later time , on those dates we offer special price for patients that may come on short notice of about 1 week or several days before .

Terms :  the offers are limited only to our new patients with minimum of 3000 implants, registered and were approved by us in advance on the waiting list.  dates of implants will be notified to the patients 2-3 weeks before.  Patients that may not be able to arrive on those specific dates will not get the special price and the discounts will given to the next patient on the waiting list, those patient may come on any other dates as we coordinate however the cost will remain as the usual as on our price lists.

How to list to those offers ?

Send us your photos by Email and your detailed request as of what type of discount as from the choices above would you like , so as for availability to come on specific dates and month of the year.

*Get Free 500 additional implants for every session of Min – 3000 Hair and or above *   You Save :   1,800  Euro !

  • * Terms of the Deal :
  • Can be used for 1 time only   /  the allowance is not valid for multiple sessions per patient. 
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