Biofibre Hair Implant

Biofibre Artificial Hair Implant 

Bio synthetic Artificial hair  implanted exclusively by Besthetics and Exoderm Medical Centers, done by special methods developed by Exoderm’s that allow patient to get maximum amounts of  hair implants within the shortest time with almost no risk of rejection or complications unlike with the older types of synthetic hair or older or by other methods of Hair implantation’s.
Exoderm  Biofibre 5000 hair implants

Advantages of Artificial Synthetic Hair Implant 

  • Synthetic hair looks and feels just like your own natural hair

  • large verity of colors

  • Hair types, Curly, waved, strait, short or long hair 16 up to 45 CM

  •  Final Results in only one day.

  • Natural aesthetic result.

  • High hair density .

  • Painless procedure

  • Allows the patient to lead an active and sporty lifestyle.

  • The implant can be also combined with any other methods of hair transplant.

  • Best solution for patients without enough donor area or large bald area that can not get covered with FUE at any age.

  •  No limit of the amounts of hair implants.

  • Repairs for older or failed hair transplants and to cover any empty area and or to increase the density.

  •  Fits any type of alopecia .

Exoderm Artificial hair implant by Norwood scale
Before- Biofibre hair implant Exoderm Medical Centers
After – Biofibre hair implant Exoderm Medical Centers

Besthetics Biofibre Hair implant
Before- Hair implant Exoderm Medical Centers

Besthetics Biofibre Hair implant
Besthetics Biofibre Hair implant
After – Biofibre hair implant Exoderm Medical Centers

Besthetics Biofibre Hair implant
Besthetics Medical Centers Biofibre Hair implant
 Bio hair implant Besthetics I.M.C
Besthetics I.M.C Artificial hair implant for women

10,000 Artificial Biofibre hair implant By Besthetics I.M.C & Exoderm International Medical Centers 

Why choose us : 

  • The most professional Hair clinics over 37 years of practice with any type of hair transplants. Alopecia, Plastic Surgery,  aesthetic treatments and surgeries.
  • Artificial Hair implants , 2 kinds of synthetic hair to choose from by any mix of colors and hair type for a perfect natural match .
  • The only clinic that can implant even up to 6000 hair safely in only one session no unnecessary trips back and forth.
  • All results in 1-2 days .
  • Multi languages kind professional staff and doctors,
  • Personal care.
  • High level facilities, most modern and best locations near International Airports In Europe.
  • Best choice economically and professionally.
  • Free consultations, Free after care controls.
  • Most experienced safest clinics.  
  •  Besthetics I.M.C and Exoderm I.M.C  Clinics.

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Special Package deals.

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  • * For new patients for more than 3,000 implants only.
For Doctors and Clinics:  Training courses for doctors and their Medical Staff, Franchises + The most professional training courses for Doctors and clinics for the original Exoderm peel and hair transplant methods and or our special Artificial Hair Implants. 

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